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Thai Pink Milk: Your Summer Drink in 2023

Thai Pink Milk is a refreshing drink commonly sold on the streets of Thailand, along with Thai iced tea. In Thai, "nom" means milk, while "yen" means iced. Literally, Nom Yen means iced milk, but it more specifically refers to this pink drink.

Are you looking for a refreshing and easy-to-make drink? Look no further than Thai Pink Milk, also known as Nom Yen. Thai Pink Milk is a sweet and creamy drink is perfect for cooling down on a hot summer day or balancing out the heat in spicy Thai dishes like holy basil chicken or Khao Soi noodles or even Patongko, we will talk on that later. Patongko a Thai dessert or snack depending on people you ask. Is ranked as the top 5 best snack according to Taste Atlas in 2023.

Without further audieu, let go straight into the recipe on how to make your very own Thai Pink Milk drink at home with a twist of course. As always with Salaryman Cooking, we make stuff using different ingredients.

How to make Thai Milk Tea

Thai Pink Milk is super simple, easy, quick and all the ingredients can be found in your fridge to make the drink real quick and delicious. While their is a YouTube advertisement you are already done making your drink.

Thai Pink Milk


  • Hale's Blue Boy Sala
  • Water
  • Condensed Milk
  • Flavored Syrup
  • Milk
  • Ice


  1. Crushed the ice
  2. Mix 2 cups of cold milk with 1/4 cup of red sala syrup
  3. Add condensed milk to your liking
  4. Fill 3 cups
  5. Sprinkled some milk on top or cream
  6. Optinal: Put a pokey stick

What is Thai Milk Tea

Thai Pink Milk or commonly known in Thai is "Nom Yen" is a refreshing drink commonly sold on the streets of Thailand, along with Thai iced tea. In Thai, "nom" means milk, while "yen" means iced. Literally, Nom Yen means iced milk, but it more specifically refers to this pink drink.

The drink is also known as Nom Chomphoo, which translates to pink milk. The pastel pink color can be quite cute and appealing to some people, but don't be fooled by its looks. The milkiness and sweet, pleasant flavor can be enjoyed by both men and women.

Where to Find Top Thai Milk Tea

Thai Pink Milk can be found in various cafes, street vendors, and restaurants throughout Thailand. One popular spot to try Thai Pink Milk is at the Chatuchak Weekend Market in Bangkok. You can find it at the numerous drink stalls throughout the market. Another option is to try the drink in Chinatown. Bangkok Chinatown will present you with a cold style that is super refreshing for a summer's day.

You are in Phuket, you must try it at Dimsum House or even go out to Chillva Market during the evenings around 6pm to have a refreshing glass of pink milk, Thai style.

Iced Thai Pink Milk, sweet and creamy

The thing is, it is hard to pin-point a recommended cafes, or street food stall to find the drink. Every stall have it's own version of the drink. But mainly night markets or designed street food stalls area. Are the location to try it. As they put the effect to make the drink from scratch. Even Iced Thai Tea is amazing if you are visiting ChinaTown in Bangkok or you are in Phuket Town.

Combination that is perfect with the drink

A great combination that can go with Thai Pink Milk is variety. It depends of course on what you are eating or what you want to eat. Normarally you would drink it by itself. Just like a smoothie drink, where you just drink. However some do prefer to have the ice pink milk with a Thai style fried donut or Patongko. Patongko is a snack that have been around for 43 years in Thailand. Lightly fried donut where you can have it in digging sauce. From pandan dipping sauce to condense milk. It is delicious and not too crunchy when it is fried.

Thai fried donut dipping sauce
Thai fried donut Pandan Dipping sauce mix with condense milk

Secondly you can actually have the pink milk drink with a spicy food or rice or noodle options. You do not normally have it with seafood at all. But a single lunch drink such as Khao Soi noodles or even fried rice is alright. However it is a drink you commonly drink it by itself or with a sweet type of snack.

Fun Facts:

With Salaryman Cooking we will have some fun facts that might be shocking, exciting or for some just normal. But here are two fun facts on the drink.

  1. Sala flavored syrup is bright red and tastes like sala, or a palm fruit native to Southeast Asia only. Source
  2. The drink is often served with crushed ice and drizzled with evaporated milk on top. Which means you can have it as a ice dessert too. Get the sala, get some crushed ice, put some plain bread. And there you have a ice cold refreshing dessert.

What's Next

So, next time you're in Bangkok's Chinatown, be sure to stop by Pa Tong Go Savoey and try their delicious patongko. And if you're not planning a trip to Bangkok anytime soon, don't worry! Of course you are there you must also try Thai Pink Milk and compare it with the recipe you made at home. Tell us in the comments below if the recipe or at ChinaTown is better. However we do know the answer already!

For a more adventurous drink, why not try making Green Tea Latte or Vietnam Egg Coffee? Both of these drinks are unique and delicious in their own right. You can find the recipe for Vietnam Egg Coffee on my blog, as well as information about Vienna Coffee.

Is Hale's Blue Boy Sala Syrup Vegan?

Yes, according to Hale's Blue Boy own documentation. It clearly states that the sala syrup is vegan and carters to everyone and all types of nutrition and meals.

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