Salaryman Cooking welcomes you to all things food with us. We provide food blogs, recipes, videos, photos, and more. We love food here and we will try all things related to food. Food brings everyone together with a smile on anyone faces. We are home cooks who like our third culture status, mix food with different cultures and ingredients. We are the ultimate quick, easy, and simple fusion food content providers and recipe providers.

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Find quick and easy recipes on Salaryman Cooking. With just a stove and few basic ingredients, you can make the most delicious dishes using just 15 minutes of your time.

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Food blogs, recipes, where to eat, photos, videos, and more

We have create this website to bring our passion for food to you. We love to cook, but not the best at cooking. We love to eat, and try new cuisines everyday. But not sure how good our taste buds are. We love to edit videos, and take photography (well not me, but someone in our team). Salaryman Cooking is about bringing food from various different parts of the world together, to cook, to try, and of course to have a discussion about food.

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We love a good discussion about food, so we created a community for chefs to share their thoughts and opinions on what they're cooking up in their kitchens. We'll help you find a new recipe or get some tips from fellow foodies that know what they're doing.

At Salaryman Cooking we are dedicated to helping you become a confident and skilled cook in the kitchen. So why wait? Explore our website and start creating delicious meals today!