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Banh Mi (Vietnam Sandwich) Leaving You Wanting More

Banh Mi, Vietnamese sandwich that is a delicious blend of French and Vietnamese flavors. The crusty baguette, fresh vegetables, tangy pickles and savory meats. Pack together within a warm and toasty baguette. Once you bite into the the sandwich it creates a taste explosion. Banh Mi Vietnam sandwich will ensure you craving for more.

Vietnam, land of exquisite cuisine and rich history and culture, has many dishes that are adored by people all over the world. One of these dishes that has gained immense popularity in recent years is Banh Mi or Banh Mi sandwich.

If you are a food lover or just someone who likes to try new cuisine. Then you must try Banh Mi sandwich. In this article, we will take you through the history, ingredients and preparation of Banh Mi. You can cook it at home or you are planning a trip to Vietnam we will give you some recommendation. Especially in Hanoi as we believe they have the best Banh Mi found anywhere. And in Hanoi you will go on a great culinary experience too with Vietnam famous egg coffee.

How to Cook Banh Mi

Banh Mi Sandwich Recipe

Ingredients Instructions
Thinly Slicked Pork Tenderlion, Soy Sauce, Brown Sugar, LemonGrass, Fish Sauce, Garlic, French Baguette Roll, Picked Vegetables, Cucumber, Cilantro, Fresh Chillies, Vegetable Oil,and Daikon Radish Marinate the pork in a mixture of soy suace, brown sugar, lemongrass, fish sauce and garlic. Mix the soy sauce, brown sugar, lemongrass, fish and garlic for your marination. Finely chop the pork tenderlion and spread in on the sliced baguette. Add some mayonnasise. Put some picked vegetables. Chop some chillis and cilantro. Prehead a grill on medium heat and let your sandwich grill for a good 3 minutes. Fun part, Serve and Eat

What is Banh Mi Sandwich

Hailing from Saigon, this Vietnamese creation is the epitome of a perfect sandwich - crispy and airy on the outside, savory and umami-laden on the inside, with a burst of fresh flavors and spiciness that will tantalize your taste buds. Savor the lightness and vivacity of this culinary masterpiece, all in one delicious bite. Banh Mi is a delicious Vietnamese sandwich that has captured the hearts of foodies worldwide. The word "Banh Mi" not only means "bread" in Vietnamese, but also refers to the iconic baguette that gives this sandwich its distinctive shape and texture.

Healthy Banh Mi Sandwich
Healthy Banh Mi Sandwich yet Hearty meal!: Photo

The quintessential Bahn Mi sandwich consists of a crusty French baguette roll filled with a medley of pickled carrots and radish, crisp cucumbers, fragrant cilantro, and a variety of meats, usually grilled pork, pate, or a combination of both. A smear of creamy mayo and the fiery kick of thinly sliced fresh chilies complete the ensemble.

History of the Sandwich

The roots of Banh Mi date back to the 17th century, when French missionaries first introduced bread to Vietnam. However, it wasn't until the French colonization period that bread became a staple food for both the locals and the colonizers.

Fast forward to the late 1950s in Saigon, and the Banh Mi sandwich as we know it today was born. The Le family, who were northern refugees after Vietnam split into two countries, created the very first Banh Mi sandwich. The Le family's recipe included a mouth-watering combination of pork liver pâté, pickled vegetables, cilantro, chili peppers, and mayonnaise, which they sold to French soldiers and workers.

Compare Banh Mi and Pho

Banh MI Vietname Sandwich
Banh MI Vietname Sandwich: You can not go wrong with a delicious sandwich like this: Source

Both dishes are very famous in Vietnam. From every street corner to you will have a food stall, pop up shop or even in high fancy restaurants. You would find a bowl of Pho and Banh Mi. Let's compare and see which two dishes are popular or why are they so beloved by locals and everyone in the world a like. Bowl of Pho is the recommended top 9 noodles you must try in Southeast Asia. With another noodle dish that is popular in Vietnam during the winter seasons is Bun Cha.

  1. Banh mi is a Vietnamese sandwich that can be filled with a variety of meats and sauces, while pho is a meat and herb noodle soup.
  2. Banh mi's versatility allows for more customization with its various fillings and sauces, while pho has a more standardized recipe.
  3. Although banh mi is beloved by many, pho is still the more widely consumed of the two, often enjoyed for breakfast, lunch, and dinner in Vietnam.
  4. Banh mi and pho are two of Vietnam's most popular street foods, enjoyed by people all over the world.

You are looking for a great recommendation to eat Banh Mi in Vietnam. Check out this video to find the top street stalls to eat the amazing sandwich in Hanoi and Saigon.

What's Next

In conclusion, Banh Mi is more than just a sandwich - it's a cultural fusion that has been enjoyed for centuries. Its rich history and adaptability have made it a staple in many countries, with its versatile fillings and sauces catering to different tastes. Don't miss out on the opportunity to indulge in this delicious sandwich and explore more about sandwiches globally by checking out our "Top 10 Sandwiches Blog Post." Whether you prefer the traditional pork and pate version or a creative twist, Banh Mi is a sandwich that can satisfy all cravings. So what are you waiting for? Press the button to discover more about this delightful dish and expand your culinary knowledge.


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