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Bacon Sandwich, Strawberry Jam and New Ideas in 2023! (Butty)

Bacon sandwich by itself is wonderful and delicious to eat and make it at home. A simple sandwich where you and I can add lots of other ingredients to create our own special bacon sandwich. You can let your creative juices flow as much as you want. Sometimes a bacon sandwich is so simple to make that we can run out of ideas on what more to add.

They is BLT or bacon, lettuce, tomato sandwich that you can find in any store. Or the classic grill cheese with bacon sandwich. Another prime example is bacon and egg combination. They can be boring sometimes, and we want to create something fun and different. We want to make and create a bacon sandwich that have all the flavors we can eat for any meal for the day. From breakfast, lunch, and dinner you can enjoy our special bacon strawberry jam grill sandwich.

You read it correctly, we are going to get the classic, add strawberry jams and give you tons of ideas for what good combination to add with a simple bacon sandwich. Check out 10 delicious sandwiches you must-try in 2023.

What is a bacon sandwich?

A bacon sandwich is made with bacon as the primary filling. The bacon is usually fried or grilled and serve with various accompaniments. Popular choices are lettuce, tomato, cheese variety of sauces and more. It all depends on personal preference and taste.

The simplicity of a bacon sandwich makes it very popular among everyone to eat. It is very simple, fun, and easy to eat a bacon sandwich. It fills you up for the rest of the day or a great dinner meal after having long days at work.

How to make

Bacon on hot pan
Process for making bacon sandwich

The ingredients are very easy to find and most of the ingredients are already in your fridge. The steps to make the sandwich is simple and easy. The meal is ready to eat the flavors and taste are going to pack a punch.

Main Ingredients

  • Additional Ingredients

They are more additional ingredients you can add or substitute while making the recipe. But the 3 main ingredients for this recipe is always the same: bacon, bread, and butter.

Let's start cooking!


  1. First cook the bacon in a preheat pan over medium to high heat stove. Add 4 bacon slices to the pan and cook for about 3 to 4 minutes on each side. Transfer the bacon to a paper towel lined plate to drain any excess grease.
  2. Spread a thin layer of butter on one side of each slice of bread. Place the bread butter-side down in the pan used to cook the bacon. Toast the bread for about 1-2 minutes on each side until it is golden brown.
  3. The fun part is to assemble the sandwich. Spread a layer of strawberry jam on one slice of toast. Arrange the bacon slices on top of the jam then add lettuce, tomato, and cheese.
  4. Cut the sandwich in half and serve immediately. Enjoy!
Strawberry Jam bacon muffin
English Muffin Strawberry Jam with bacon: Photo

There you have it, strawberry jam bacon sandwich you can enjoy and eat at home. Make it for your friends, for your girlfriend or even family. It is fun to make, easy and very simple. It takes a good 15 minutes to cook which is not a lot of time at all. The best part you are using only 1 pan. So very quick to clean as well.

Fun Fact of Bacon Sandwich

  1. In United Kingdom it is estimated they spend around £1.37billion a year on bacon eating 227,000 tonnes of it.
  2. According to the latest survey, 46 per cent of people like to grill bacon while 37 per cent fry it.
  3. George Orwell wrote of a ‘bacon sandwich’ in 1931, but the first mention of a ‘bacon sarnie’ in print was in the Daily Express on August 21, 1986. For more fun fact, check the source here.

Finally Thoughts

We ran into this recipe around 5 to 6 ago when we were living in Manchester, England for a good 7 months. I remember it very fondly of the situations and where I was eating. It was 8pm and our tain to go to London was delay by 20 minutes. My ex at the time was about to reach London soon and I know she would get mad if I did not have a small gift to give her. So my mate said let's grab something to eat and maybe get a take away.

We came out of Manchester Piccadilly Train Station turn right and 2 stores away there is this grill sandwich place that was open. They had so many variety and sandwich menu options. We saw bacon, strawberry jam, cheese, on bread and could not resist. I ordered 2 of it, got on the train had the first bite. And guess what, I finish both sandwiches. But it was the best feeling. The melting cheese, the sweet yet savor taste of both jam and bacon combing. Very unhealthy to be honest, so in our recipe we add lettuce, tomatoes to it. Any at Manchester Piccadilly, I fully recommend to try it out at Northern Soul Grill Cheese Sandwich.

I really wish I still had the photo of it but I lost the photo, but the memories, taste, and food is still with us.

Yes, my ex was not mad, as her train was delayed too to reach London.

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