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Top Cuisine Rank in 2022. US Cuisine Number 8?

Want to know the top cuisines rank in the world. We have the data set here for you. Top cuisines rank in the world by professional's. Let's say the top 50 cuisine rank are causing a stir. Towards the end of the article we will have our own "Top 10 Cuisine" rank from the world with dishes you must try. Who know we might have each food recipe from Salaryman Cooking top 10 cuisine and dishes.

TasteAtlas has just released their annual list of the top 50 cuisines from around the world and let just say, it's causing quite the stir! Based on audience votes for their favorite ingredients, dishes, and drinks, the global food encyclopedia ranked Italy, Greece, and Spain in the top three spots, followed by Japan, India, Mexico, and Turkey in the top ten.

But the real shocker? The United States snagged the number nine spot with a score of 4.51, beating out popular food destinations like Peru, China, Brazil, Indonesia, and Thailand.

While some are thrilled with the rankings, others are scratching their heads at the decisions. No matter what your thoughts on the list, one thing is for certain: food brings people together, and the diversity of flavors and cultures represented on this list is truly something to celebrate.

Top 95 Cuisine Rank in 2022

Is your country on the list? Tell us in the comments below?

Controversy for top cuisine ranked?

Mala sichuan noodles
Chinese Cuisine Rank 11: Photo

In world of social media they are many controversies of top cuisine ranked. Especially when it comes to cuisine from America. As a twitter user post a salad top with chocolate bar. Yes salad top with Mars chocolate bar. We are not saying the dishes individualing is great. But together is a quite a strech. Well that is what you get in the Mid-West of America.

Another slight problem is how Jamaican cuisine is not on the list. Jamaican food is amazing, spicy, and delicious. Jerk chicken is one of our favorite dishes to eat, even ask people from United Kingdom and they would rank Jamaican food above their own.

Chinese take-out is one of the most common to have around the world. How can Chinese cuisine not ranked in the top 10?

How about dishes from each top cuisine in the world?

Top dishes ranked in 2022

Down below is the top dishes ranked in the world. This list is better and more accurate, than top cuisine rank in 2022 from tasteatlas.

The list of top dishes in 2022 is better and more accurate in our feeling. Kare curry is amazing and on a cold winter day to have ramen is the best feeling. After a long night out a juicy kebab is all you need to have a good sleep, before a hangover.

Of course dim-sum dishes such as Cha Sui bao and the dumping soup Xia Long Bao are delicious and it would fill you up right away. How about Cha Sui with rice on-top like people in Hong Kong and Singapore eat. Indian dishes is on there such as Shahi Paneer (Cheese with vegetable stir-fry), but they might be missing butter chicken on there or tandoori chicken. Thai food is there too such as the creamy Phanaeng Curry and a Southern dish famous in Phuket Massaman Curry.

On the other hand, top Western cuisine includes the classic Pizza Margherita and Spagetti Bolognese in there. We got a good gyros which is different than kebab, remember that too. Of course the lemon and acid flavor of Ceviche.

Salaryman Cooking Top 10 Cuisine Rank

Thai red curry
Thai red curry

We might be bias towards Asian cuisine more than Western cuisine, but down below is. our-list of cuisine. of course let's have a chat about it on what you agree and disagree with the list.

  1. Japanese - Tonkaksu and Yaki-Udon
  2. Chinese - Spicy Mala Xian Mian and Xia Long Bao
  3. Italian - Spagetthi Carborana and Pizza
  4. Spanish - Paella and Gambas al ajillo
  5. Greek - Gyros and Païdakia (Greek Lamb)
  6. Indian - Indi and butter chicken
  7. Thai - Panang Curry and Krapow
  8. Turkey - Lebachan and Kebab
  9. Mexican - Carnitas and Tacos
  10. Malaysian - Nasi Lemak and Me Goreng

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