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Stunning Burgers in Thailand. Juicy, Quirky, Fusion

Burgers in Bangkok City, not kaprow (basil fried rice) or somtam to eat on the food stalls, or even crab omelette. We are going on a fusion, quirky and fun burgers. Give you a unique recommendations to try these juicy patty of meat sandwich between toasted buns.

We all have those days when we just want to take a piece of a juicy burger at the end of the day, even though Bangkok is famed for its street food scene and ethnic Thai dishes. Instead of going out for a delicious meal of spicy basil chicken, we just had a juicy burger with some fries to munch on. 

Times have changed, and Bangkok, Thailand is becoming a hub of fusion cuisine. There are no shortage for expats opening up burger joints, food trucks, and restaurants in the city. Thai locals themselve, opening fusion burgers restaurants mixing with thai spices or other Asian flavours from Japan, Korea, and more. 

Thailand having somtums to somtam sandwiches now, let’s find out where the top burgers joints are in Bangkok

Best Burgers in Bangkok, Thailand

Burger Thailand
Daniel Thaiger Burger in Bangkok: PHOTO
  • 1.Daniel Thaiger

    The majority of burger lovers in Bangkok are probably already familiar with Daniel Thaiger, who is credited with being the city's first food truck. There were no top-notch burgers in the city when Californian Mark Falcioni and his Thai business partner, Honey, launched the venture in 2013. Their American, West Coast-style burgers at the time were a home-run in Bangkok.

    They have two specialties: Mr. Steve, which is seasoned with a Thai whiskey barbecue sauce and tastes like an In-N-Out burger, and Mr. Cowboy. Both come with bacon and a slice of cheese.

  • 2.Jim’s burger and beer

    Sometimes a burger and beer is all you need after long hours for work or on a Friday night. Sometimes having beer and burgers are the best thing you can even eat. Then you must come and try Jim’s Burger and Beer.

    This place, a favourite hangout for young Thais, simply focuses on two things: alcohol and hamburgers. It offers 10 distinct burgers in regular and junior sizes, but many customers have shown a special fondness for the Jim's Honey Beef Burger and the Lava Cheesy Burger (a cheese-filled burger patty topped with melting cheese). There are over 60 imported craft beers to pick from in the alcohol section, and depending on the location, 6–12 draft beers are also available.

  • 3.Bomb Burger

    The Burger Bomb's menus offer a range of flavors for various occasions, even if they don't go overboard with double-decking toppings like some on this list.

    The Burger Bomb ($200), which bears the restaurant's name, is cooked with sauteed Thai northern green chilli and handmade chilli oil, both of which are guaranteed to explode your taste buds and make you grab for a drink of water.

    For a different kind of spice, try Dat Mexican Dude (220), which has enchilada sauce and jalapenos.

    Tandoori Chicken Burgers (200) are also available at Burger Bomb if you're in the mood for Indian food but still want a burger. You end up with a burger that has traces of Indian flavor because the chicken and the onion were both marinated and cooked in tandoori sauce.

    Tandoori Chicken Burger
    Tandoori Chicken Burger in Bangkok: PHOTO
  • 4.Soul Food 555

    Let’s combine the ultimate Thai food with the famous western cuisine burger. So what do we get?

    Well we get a somtam burger that you have never seen before. We’re ending the list with a somtam burger that the restaurant probably serves ironically.

    Soul Food 555 is the epitome of hipster food. It uses Australian beef to make a simple dish such as pad kaprow and charges THB300 for it, but what caught our eye is their “Thailand Sandwich” menu which features three really Thai burgers.

    A piece of Thai-style fried chicken and papaya salad are Thai food staples, but instead of serving them with sticky rice, Soul Food wrapped them in buns and called this creation a “Risky Chicken Burger.

Instead for going out, why not cook a quick and simple meal at home. Without using a bun we can use slices of bread to cook tuna sandwich with a twist. Check out how to cook tuna sandwich here.

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