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Singaporean Food: Weekend Tour Eating

Singaporean food in total is under appreciated. In my personal opinion Singaporean food are in the top 5 of my list. The food is a mixture of Chinese food, Penang in Malaysia, Indonesia, India, and much more. A melting food of lots of technique and beautiful culture. In this Singaporean food blog. I will show some of my personal top 4.

Before you continue this is my personal opinion only. I lived in Singapore for a year and half and go back often if I have the time. So these Food are my own personal choice I like. So let's continue on Singaporean food you must try.

Bee Hoon Noodles

Every morning getting up taking the bus and the MRT. Afterwards you just want some healthy meal with lots of other food on the side and toppings. Similar to Thailand where we call it (ข้าวราดแกง). Or lots of curry, stir-fried dishes, meats, vegetables and more you can find. The best part you can add some curry sauce over your Bee Hoon Noodles. Found in any hawker center, nearby Orchard Road, Holland Village, or even inside Singapore Management University.

So now you are thinking how it looks and what are good sides to go with Bee Hoon.

You can go with stir-fried vegetables, some meat, fried egg, tofu fried, or even cheese balls, fish balls, and much more. Some of my favorite to add Spam meat or Luncheon meat. You can check out what is Spam meat and cook with scramble egg recipe.

Combine with coffee or Kopi it is amazing. If you want something sweeter to drink you can have Kopi C or Teh C or Teh Tarik. Sweeter coffee and the latter Milk tea. Each Southeast Asia countries have a special version of milk tea. Check out the guide on the difference of Teh Tarik and Thai Tea.

You can even have it with rice as well too. Rice with different variety and more healthy meat and stir-fried. This time as it is lunch it is really nice to have it with some chilli paste on the side.

Bee Hoon Noodles Singaporean Food
Bee Hoon Noodles Singaporean Food: Check 9 noodles to try in Southeast Asia


We can go visit Singapore and not have a bowl of an creamy, spicy, hot, healthy bowl of Laksa. Laksa a noodle dish with soup mixture of spice, curry, and much more. A mixture of Indian and Penang together. The bowl can be found in any hawker center and even in shopping area. The bowl of noodle is delicious and really nice to. Especially when it is raining outside of a bit. Having a hot bowl of Laksa with shrimp or other meat is amazing to eat.

Roti Prata

What more can anyone else say about Roti Prata. You can have it 24 hours and for 365 days. You can have it as sweet dish, or even for some savory dish. I have to say Roti Prata is one of my weekend dishes I have to eat. Even going on a date in Singapore. I would take the women to have Roti Prata. It is a very casual setting. You eat with your hands have some tea or coffee and just have a good time.

Chicken Rice

Okay so this is a big deal. You can have variety of chicken rice when you are in Southeast Asia. Thailand have their own style. Singapore have their own style. The dish consist of well you guess it: chicken, rice, and some sauce on the side. The most important component of chicken rice for me is the rice. The rice for me should be a bit garlic, and have a taste. Not coconut taste that is Nasi Lamak. But you are in Singapore you will have to go and try a beautiful dish of chicken rice. Go. for the proper boil chicken add some orange chilli sauce and the black sweet sauce.

Yes you are at the chicken rice stall you will have other meat too. Such as char Siu or BBQ pork or crisp pork to choose. However they are served on different rice not the same chicken with rice dish.

Singapore Snack Time

Of course you are walking around the city. Taking the MRT time and you want a small bite of snack to eat. Well you have to visit Old Chang Kee. An old franchise place where you get a good quality snack. Everyone in Singapore knows about it. It is the best place to get fried snack food on the stick. No.

However it get the job done with lots of variety to choose. Get some tea and refill your energy and get on your way to visit more of Singapore iconic location.

Notable Singaporean Food

They are lots of food you must try in Singapore. They are so many of them to name on this list. There is Char Kway Teow you got to try in Singapore. I actually wrote a full blog on Char Kway Teow recipe and history.

You have got lots of Chinese dishes to try and eat. You have some nice snacks to try. You even got some nice restaurant to visit. Such as Din Tai Fun to try their dim sum which are world famous. Combine with pork chop. It is delicious. There are lots of food to try in Singapore. Satay which are meat grill on the stick nearby Marina Bay Sands hotel.

So once you visit Singapore. Think of it as a food haven. Tell us in the comments below what are your favorite Singaporean food you want to try?

Singaporean Food: Weekend Tour Eating
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Singaporean Food: Weekend Tour Eating
Singaporean food is very under appreciated. We are going to highlight must try Singaporean food for your weekend trip in Singapore 2023
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