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Burger vs Sandwich: Battle of Two Iconic Foods (2023)

Burger and sandwich the battle of two of the most iconic and easier food to eat, find, cook and of course enjoy. Two of the most comfort food found anywhere in the world. From the lights of New York, to the streets of London, to the crowded motorbike city of Vietnam, to the city that never sleeps at Bangkok, and more. We at Salaryman Cooking can continue to go on with it. Every city and country have their own version, taste and cooking technique of a burger and sandwich.

Burgers and sandwiches are popular foods consumed by many people globally. While they may seem similar at first glance, they are two distinct foods with unique characteristics that differentiate them.

In this article, we'll explore the history of burgers and sandwiches, their differences in filling, bread, shape, and nutrition, and their cooking methods.

What Is A Burger?

A burger consists of cooked meat patty sandwiched (no pun intended) between two slices of bread. Meat patty is typically made from minced beef and over time, it has become more diverse with the addition of seafood, chicken, and veggie patties. Bread bun is usually covered with sesame and filled with salad layers, tomatoes, pickled cucumbers, and sauces such as ketchup, mayonnaise, or honey mustard.

Burgers originated in 1885 and was created by a chef named Charlie, who placed a cooked meat patty between two slices of bread to make it more convenient to eat. Today, burgers come in various forms, including bamboo charcoal bread, black bread, and different types of patties.

What Is A Sandwich?

Sandwiches are baked bread slices filled with a layer of butter, mayonnaise, or other spreads, depending on the type of sandwich. Sandwiches have been around since the 18th century and were invented by an English aristocrat who requested meat between two slices of bread while gambling.

Sandwiches come in different varieties, such as the Reuben sandwich with beef, sauerkraut, and Swiss cheese or the sweet sandwich with whipped cream and strawberries. They are presented as triangles or squares skewered by cocktail skewers, making them ideal for quick snacks or as party foods.

In the battle of burger vs sandwich you can say a sandwich won the history round. As the sandwich is actually first invented or cook before the first burger was invented. Now let's dig deeper into the differences of each components that make these two iconic dishes popular.

classic sandwich
classic ham, vegetable sandwich: Source
Classic burger
Classic Cheese Burger

What Are the Differences Between Burger Vs Sandwich?

Let's start to dissect each important components that make these two iconic foods famous world-wide. From the nutrition values to the bread use in a burger and a sandwich. Even differences of cheese use in these food that you must eat with your hands. Both of these food dishes are served from food trucks, to bars, schools catteen, high end luxury restaurants and more. You can purchase a burger as less than $3 to a sandwich as less than $2.

We are going to dessert these components listed below:

  1. Shapes and Appearance
  2. Processing Methods
  3. Filling
  4. Type of Bread
  5. Nutrition Facts
  6. Popularity
  7. Cooking Method

Shapes and Appearance

Bread buns are commonly used to make burgers. The most common appearance of a burger is rounded, which matches the grilled beef ball filling in the middle and makes it look fuller and more flavorful. Sandwich slices are usually cut from a loaf of bread and are square in shape. However, you will find some sandwiches cut in a triangle, half the original square, to make them easier to eat and more eye-catching.

Square shaped sandwiches that are most popular you can say are grilled cheese sandwiches, peanut-butter and jelly sandwiches and more. For an amazing grill cheese sandwich with a twist, check Salaryman Cooking full recipe guide here.

Processing Methods

Burgers and sandwiches have quite different processing methods. Burger have a must-cooked filling, such as beef, chicken, or pork. With toppings like cheese, serving them hot always makes them much more delicious. The latter, although you can grill it crispy before eating, is often made using ready-made dishes such as bacon and pre-cooked chicken. It is much more suitable when we don't have too much cooking experience or when we don't have time.

Pre-cook chicken sandwich are great, as you do not want all the juicy for the chicken or meat to fall on over the slice of bread. For an amazing chicken sandwich recipe. Check the guide on coronation chicken sandwich recipe.


The main difference and key component between burgers and sandwiches is the filling. Burgers are cooked meat patties with cheese and vegetables, making them best served hot. Sandwiches, on the other hand, offer a more diverse range of fillings, from sweet to savory. Cheese is usually served cold, and the crust can be baked to make it crispy before eating.

Type of Bread

Burgers are usually made from bread buns with a sprinkle of sesame on top, while sandwiches consist of two thin, soft bread slices. However, some people make burgers from two thin slices of bread, and sandwiches are occasionally made with yeast bread or English muffins. Similar to how McDonalds have their McMuffin breakfast with a patty that you can add bacon, egg or ham.

Bread Buns Golden Color
Golden Color Bread Buns important ingredients of burger and sandwich: Source

Nutrition Facts

While both foods are high in starch and fat, sandwiches are typically considered slightly healthier than burgers. Sandwiches contain more magnesium, vitamin A, C, and B5, while burgers have more zinc, calcium, vitamin B2, B3, B6, B12, and folate.

Sandwiches have more healthy filling, then a burger. As a burger patty is meant to be grilled or fried. On the other, a sandwich filling have more of a healthy option such as salmon or tune. For an amazing spicy tuna sandwich recipe click here.


The burger is usually more dominant in European or American countries. This is understandable because where burger is originated, as well as the popularity of fast food outlets. The sandwich will be slightly more popular than the burger because of its convenience. We can all make our sandwiches at home; this bread is also widely available in bakeries or convenience stores.

Cooking Method

Burgers require cooked meat patties, such as beef, chicken, or pork, and cheese, which is usually served hot. Sandwiches are filled with ready-made ingredients such as bacon and pre-cooked chicken, making them more suitable for those with little cooking experience or limited time.

Now it is time to provide with some examples on the battle between burger vs sandwich in 2023.

Let's get some data and statistics of burgers vs sandwich in sales revenues, customer Behaviour , and which food provides more revenue.

Customer Behaviour

Customer demographics pie chart for burgers and sandwich
Customer demographics pie chart for burgers and sandwich

Burger Sales Revenues

Burger Sales Revenue in US
Burger Sales Revenue in US

Burger vs Sandwich Sales revenue

Burger and Sandwich Sales Revenues Graph
Burger and Sandwich Sales Revenues and Popularity Graph

Fillings Examples of Burger vs Sandwich

We will start with the first and most famous combination of fillings that you can use in both a burger and sandwich. The humble ingredient name chicken.

Juicy Cheese Burger
Juicy Cheese Burger

Is a Chicken Sandwich a Burger?

When it comes to chicken sandwiches and burgers, it's easy to get confused. Chicken sandwiches are typically made with a whole piece of chicken that's either fried or grilled and served on a bun. However, some argue that if the chicken is ground up and formed into a patty, it should be considered a burger. The bread used for a chicken sandwich is often the same as that used for burgers, and the sandwich is usually cut in half horizontally. This evidence could lead some to believe that a chicken sandwich is really just a burger.

However, the chicken itself is a crucial factor in determining whether a sandwich is a burger or not. If the chicken is a whole piece that's been grilled or fried, then it's a chicken sandwich. But if the chicken has been ground up and formed into a patty, then it's a burger. Ultimately, whether a chicken sandwich is a burger or not depends on the individual's interpretation and how restaurants choose to categorize it on their menu.

Is a PB&J Sandwich a Burger?

On the other end of the spectrum, we have a classic PB&J sandwich. Unlike burgers and sandwiches made with meat or chicken, a PB&J sandwich doesn't have the same ambiguities in classification. The bread is usually sliced from a loaf and is not the same as that used for burgers. The filling consists of peanut butter and jelly, not meat, and is typically spread evenly between the slices of bread. Therefore, a PB&J sandwich is unmistakably a sandwich and not a burger.

Of course you can adds lots of variation with a PB&J sandwich. As with us in Salaryman Cooking, we do love our strawberry jams. Check out the food recipe of bacon strawberry PB sandwich.

Is a Patty Melt a Burger or a Sandwich?

The patty melt is another food item that blurs the line between sandwiches and burgers. It's typically made with a burger patty, melted cheese, and grilled onions, all sandwiched between two slices of toasted sandwich bread. While the bread signals sandwich, the patty is clearly a burger patty. As a result, the patty melt falls somewhere in the middle of the sandwich-burger spectrum and may be considered a specialty burger or a sandwich depending on how restaurants choose to categorize it.

Fun Facts

  1. The name hamburger originated as a nickname for the hamburg steaks introduced to the US by immigrants from Germany.
  2. McDonald’s holds the record of selling 300 billion burgers to date. The company sells 75 or more burgers every second. Source
  3. Although burgers started gaining popularity around 1904, cheeseburgers didn’t become a thing until the 1920s.

What's Next

Burgers and sandwiches are iconic foods with a rich history and cultural significance. They may seem similar at first glance, but their differences in filling, bread, shape, nutrition, and cooking methods make them unique. Understanding these differences can help you make informed choices about what to eat and how to prepare your favorite foods. So next time you're in the mood for a tasty snack or meal, consider whether you're in the mood for a burger or a sandwich!

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