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We are a group of people who enjoys the process of cooking, sharing about where we eat, and just love to try all type of food. We do travel but not much, but we do try to eat food from various different cultures.

We are here to present with you amazing food blogs, what food you can try, and what food to eat. Of course we like cooking and making food. But to be honest we are not the best, but we soon hope the journey we take together we will get there. We got a how to make different recipes that are creative and fun. We try to use our fusion taste buds to the max. We have food blog and where to eat suggestions as well from different countries. Our main focus will be in Southeast Asia.

We do make smoothies, coffee, and teas too. Smoothie is the next big trend during the pandemic where we would want something healthy to eat and drink. We make different smoothies with lots of combination. Even for coffee and tea we try to be out of the box. But someone we keep it simple at best too! Check out our drinks blog and where to drink different type of food as well.

At the end of the day we are third culture kids who identify as a different ethnic group, born in a country that is renowned for spicy food. Our nurture is from a international background mix with Americans, Koreans, Indian, Thai, Chinese, and much more. We travel to different countries, study in various different location. Talk and meet lots of people through the passion and love for food and cooking.

About Salaryman Cooking

At the end of the day, what kind of emotion you are in. Once you see delicious and eye-catching food you just want to try and eat it, even if you are already full. Food and drink makes everyone happy. During the process of cooking sometimes it is a very good psychology feeling and a good way to relieve some stress as well. Come on this journey with us, and let mix and match food and culture together.